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Spa Service & Repair

Having a problem with your spa?!

Call us today to schedule a service call. 
(303) 838-1000

In the rain, snow, or sunshine, we can fix just about any spa issue. With a wonderful staff of professional spa service technicians, no problem is too big for us here at Mountain Home.

We Service and Repair: Clearwater, Passion, La-Z-Boy, Strong, Dynasty, Coleman, Jacuzzi, Sundance, SWI (Southwest Industries), Image, Coast, Gulf Coast, Marquis, California Cooperage, Cal Spa, Hydro Spa, Thermo, Hot Springs, Life Springs, Artesian… Any!

And if the spa is not feasible for repair, we will help get you into a new spa. Whether that means getting you into a used spa or helping you write up the spa for an insurance claim, Mountain Home will get you back into hot water as soon as possible!

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