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Bahama Cabana Bay  (Lounger)

cabana bay.jpg
cabana bay side.png



Fountain Jets

Electrical 220V / 60 A

Digital Controls

*VGB Compliant Intake

Pumps (Qty / Size BHP) 2 / 6.0


SimpleClear™ UV-C Water Sanitization

Filtration System Size 50 ft.2

Icynene™ Insulation

LED Underwater Lighting

LED Filter Lighting


Interior / Exterior


Acrylic Surface Material

Maintenance Free Skirting

ABS Bottom Surface

Air Diverters

Water Diverters

Neck Jet Diverter

On/Off Diverter

Comfort Padded Headrest


Weight: Dry / Filled (approx.)


900 lbs. / 4370 lbs.

Size:              92” x 92” x 39”

Jets:              42 Stainless Steel Jets

Gallons:        425

Seating:        6 Adults

6 people bahama spa.png

Optional Features includes a Circulation Pump

and Bluetooth Docking Station

Optional 220V Circulation Pump.png
bahama spa bluetooth docking station.jpg
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