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Ordering a New Spa Cover


Cover Specification Summary

1. Standard

4" to 2" TAPERED COVER (R-16)


UP TO 8 FEET = $680

2. Heavy Duty

5" to 3" TAPERED COVER (R-18) 

UP TO 8 FEET = $710

3. Super Heavy Duty

5" to 3" TAPERED COVER (R-18.4)

UP TO 8 FEET = $750



How To Measure

How To Measure

Measuring Overall Size

You will need to measure the width and length of your spa for the new cover. If your spa has a lip put a straight edge up to the side of the spa so your measurements will account for the lip.

It is better to be slightly too big than too small.

*NOTE: Always measure the top of your spa not the old cover. The old cover spreads apart over time and will not give accurate measurements.

Measuring Rounded Corners

If your spa has rounded corners you will need to determine the radius of the corners. To start you will need two rulers (a framing square works better if available). Place the rulers at a 90 degree angle on the outside edge of the corner with the "0s" together. You will measure from the 0" mark to the point where the corner starts to curve (this is the breaking point). From the 0" mark to the breaking point is the size of your corner radius.

Measuring Length of Flap

Measure from the top of your spa to where the acrylic surface stops on the side of the spa. This can be measured off your old cover.

*NOTE: Flaps over 4 1/2" result in a surcharge

Determining Strap Location

Straps can be put anywhere on the flaps of the cover. If you want them in the same location as your old cover then measure between the two straps and note the distance in inches on your order form.

*NOTE: Straps will be put on the corners of the cover unless otherwise noted.

Measuring Length of Strap

This is best to be measured off your old cover. Measure from the top of the flap to the bottom of the strap.

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