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For 40 years the most innovative and green spa manufacturer.  The shell and cabinet warranties are 20 years!  That’s an industry best!  Wonderfully therapeutic and LED lit jets.  You will want to check these spas out in person.

Our customers find it hard to beat the comfort, reliability, and dealer support for LaZboy.  We’ve heard from our customers about their outstanding efficiency as well.  After 90 years of overwhelmingly positive customer relations as a furniture company, it comes as no surprise that the LaZboy spas are a great quality spa.  We’ve been selling LaZboy spas since their inception.

Step outside your fast-paced life and into the soothing, effervescent, crystal clear waters of a Bahama Spa. Bahama Spas has the perfect fit for every spa enthusiast. Built to last and designed for comfort, Bahama Spas offers everything a discerning spa owner craves. Ample room and first-class amenities make for a winning combination, while high performance equipment and a wide variety of jets provides unlimited hydrotherapy. Bahama Spas will bring a sense of vacation to your backyard and a sense of serenity to your life.

Strong Spas

Strong Spas is a global leader in the spa industry and one of the largest spa manufacturers in the world.  Every affordable luxury spa is proudly custom-built in one of their facilities in Pennsylvania.  Strong Spas is the innovator of the DURA-SHIELD, which is the first true patented, hardcover system that is molded hollow from durable resin and filled with a proprietary foam to protect the spa from harsh environments and provide energy-saving heat retention insulated to R-18.

One of our most popular brands is Viking Spas. We strive to provide the highest quality spas at the most affordable price. Our spas are one of the most energy efficient in drawing the least amount of electricity, while still maintaining optimal water jet pressure. It is our commitment to provide the best value that has earned Viking Spas an impeccable reputation within the spa industry and gained us affiliations with some of the largest retailers in the World. Feel free to check out our products and experience first hand Viking's value.

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