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We are all about providing services to our customers.  Originally conceived as a big dish satellite company, the initial challenge was to overcome the “fly by night” reputation that followed that industry.  During our first winter,  we needed to find additional activities to “keep the wheels turning” because the frozen ground made big dish satellite installation really slow.  Hot tubs, with their electronics posed little difficulty and were extremely popular in the mountains.  Similarly the hot tub industry had the same reputation.  That problem had a common solution in service and longevity.  Too many dealers have been eager to get the upfront profit potential but not so eager to give orientation, or service after the sale.  Our customers have the advantage of an educated service staff in electronics that is also experienced in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and water chemistry.  Without all of these skills, it can be impossible to come away without the best diagnosis for your problems, when they might occur.  Fortunately for our customers the originator was well educated in electronics, the idea of service, and has created a staff that “gets it” as well.  The ongoing effort to change the image of the spa industry is still a challenge.  We can only hope to change that image in the mind of our customer.  Rest assured that we will make you our priority after your spa purchase from us.  After asserting our service priorities, it is imperative that we keep abreast of industry changes and provide only the best products to you, our customer.  I always tell prospective customers “there is a reason why we carry the spas that we do and why we don’t carry the spas we don’t!”  Come get all the answers to these and other questions.  After moving to larger showrooms 4 times in 30+ years, we now have 20+ tubs representing the five or six best manufacturers in the industry located in our showroom.  We have access to over 100 models of hot tubs, over 20 swim spas, and parts access to 100’s of spas (maybe thousands).  That’s our purpose!  We’ll keep up with the technology and get our customers the best quality products and the best service possible!


We envision a bright future for the spa industry.  Knowing that muscle therapy is a great reason for those who like extreme physical exercise, we see more and more jets and motors in a lot of the spas.  Just soaking in hot water has great benefits to increased blood circulation.  Exercising in water is also easier on your joints. Hot tubs are great for fibromyalgia sufferers.*  THAT’S THERAPY!  Spas also offer up great family time, party time, and romance time as well as stress relief  THAT’S THERAPY TOO!  New styles of jets are being designed constantly that improve therapy.  There are new models of spas that are designed for comfort.  Don’t be afraid to sit in a few spas with or without water.  There are ongoing improvements to make water care easier.  We have generated a water chemistry report for mountain well water.  The future is bright, we’ll keep you abreast of all the changes.  Just get tuned in!


It is one of our goals to bring together our community of customers.  We are also considering trying to expand our already swelling customer base to better serve the people in Evergreen.  We think that the northern Evergreen area would benefit from the kind of service we provide.  We already have a lot of southern Evergreen area in our customer base.  This could eventually lead to another showroom in the Bergen Park area.  The cost of commercial space that is large enough to display lots of hot tubs looks to be a major obstacle so far.  A large but convenient space for our customers can be an issue.  Customers or potential customers want to see and touch as many models of spas and accessories as possible (understandably).  Selling the best spas and all related products is a top priority as well as service after the sale.


                We Appreciate Our Customers.


Thank You













*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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